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Dec 10, 2012

Rescuing More Than Dinner

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Driving home from my Mom's, after the family Christmas lunch yesterday, we came across a mini-van that just rolled into the ditch, having lost control on a country road in the freezing rain. I jump out of my car, telling my wife Marilyn to call 911, and head into the ditch, expecting the worst. Thankfully, I didn't find a van load of injured kids, but instead, a middle aged guy, hanging from his seatbelt, unhurt but freaked out.

The back hatch was smashed open, so I went in that way, and it was clear he was just back from Costco or some other wholesaler. There was stuff EVERYWHERE!!, Bottles of Coke and Pepsi busted open, cartons of cigerettes, flats of oranges, smashed tomatoes, all thrown around. It took a few minutes but I got him down safe and sound, out the back of the van and to the shoulder to wait for the police in another car offering shelter. The freezing rain was getting worse and we had miles to go, so we left a business card in case anyone had questions.

Barely 10km later, we find a car pulled over, and in front of them, another car on its roof in the ditch. It looked like he was going a too fast, caught the shoulder, slid off the road and flipped over. I jump into action again, but before i could get there, a guy in the parked car yelled that they already had him out and that the police/tow truck had been called.

We left, and finally arrived to Cambridge two hours later to drop off my great aunt. It's usually a 50 minute drive. We don't like driving on Hwy 6 from Hwy 401 to Hwy 403 at the best of times, much less so in the dark with freezing rain so it was decided that we'd take Hwy 24 instead, Not 10 minutes south of Cambridge, we came across ANOTHER car in the ditch.

I jumped out (again!), Marilyn calls 911 (again!), and what do we find, but our new friend "Ken" struggling to get out of his car now perched on a 45 degree angle in the ditch, making the door too heavy for his 85 year old arms to push open. It took about 10 minutes in the pouring rain, but I got him out, and over to our car to wait for the police and tow truck. The OPP arriving about 45 minutes later. We had an interesting conversation with Ken about his 57 years of working life and his wife's passing last year after 62 years of marriage and adventures.

At home more than three and a half hours after we left my Mother's, it was time for a "fortifying" beverage (or three!!). Thirty minutes later while enjoying Moroccan spiced rack of lamb with baby potatoes and asparagus we recounted the details from an extraordinary day.

The life of a personal chef is never dull. Now where is my superhero cape??


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