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Jul 3, 2014

VIDEO BLOG - Dry Aging Beef at Home

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I’ll admit it, I’m a carnivore and I like eating red meat. I like the taste, I like the texture, I like the process of cooking it, I like that it’s a great source of protein that has a place in a healthy and balanced diet. Generally Canadians are eating less beef and veal while poultry in the diet has risen by more than 3.5 kg per person over the last 20 years. I believe that we need to spend a bit more money on the meat we purchase and then demand better quality when we do, and that’s the reason why I dry age beef at home.

This short four minute video blog will show you step-by-step how to prepare dry aged beef – once you’ve tasted that intense meaty flavour, it's nearly impossible to go back.

You’ll need to have patience for the dry aging process to be effective; but be assured your efforts will be rewarded. It takes at least three weeks before the flavour changes significantly and you can expect at least 15% of the starting weight to dry away. It’s the drying that concentrates the beefy flavours, leaving a more intense taste.

The drying process also improves the beef’s ability to hold on to moisture and that makes for much juicier cooked steaks. As a result, you can serve them rarer than a non-dried version and get the same colour of doneness without having lots of purge on the plate.




If you have any feedback please leave a comment below. Happy Summer!



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