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Jun 6, 2016

10 Common Grilling Mistakes

In addition to the 5 Common Grilling Mistakes from I've added 5 of my own. Canadian summers are short - get outside and enjoy.
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6. NEVER use lighter fluid! It's not 1976 - take 10 extra minutes to let to the coals develop a good burn.

7. Still cutting into cuts of meat to check for doneness? Please just stop. Use a thermometre, it's neater and more accurate

8. Grind your own beef/pork/chicken. Sure it costs a bit and takes time but that way you know exactly what's in your food. If you do it fresh you can cook pork/beef medium rare...

9. Buy thicker cuts of protein. Supermarkets always cut them too thin to stay moist inside; when you have them cut to your preference you'll also know they're fresh.

10. Not enough salt! Most home cooks don't use enough salt or salt early enough. Do you ever wonder why restaurant food tastes better - it's the salt, sugar and fat; Chefs use more!

Here's the original 5 Common Grilling Mistakes from



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