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Jul 14, 2016

8 Tips for Hiring a Personal Chef

So you decided to hire a Personal Chef but you’re really not sure where to start, let me help… My team and I have been at this for nearly 12 years and over 1000 events, with at least half of our bookings coming from repeat clients. We know these tips work.
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Some DO’s…

DO call me first before you invite your guests! I usually book out 6-8 weeks in advance, longer on “special dates” and if your heart is set on a particular Saturday, try to give me to least a month’s notice, preferably more. I took bookings for this December, last December, so early matters.

DO talk to your guests about any food issues they may have. Too many folks “don’t want to be a bother” so they may not mention their life-threatening shellfish allergy, but I NEED to know. Besides allergies, I also need to know if there are any lifestyles (vegan), religious (Jewish/Muslim), health (pregnant?) or other relevant issues that may impact dietary choices. I can account for almost everything, I just need to know.

DO rent dishes if you are more than 12 attending. Dish rentals are cheap and make for a much faster, quieter, cleaner service. My staff and I don’t have time to wash dishes for more courses and you don’t want your dishwasher running for 3 hours after we’re gone; it’s well worth it.

DO have your kitchen, oven and BBQ basically clean, not “the Queen is coming” clean but just clean and the dishwasher empty before we arrive. This allows us to set up faster and to be better organized which leads to a much better experience for you and your guests. You have my assurance that we will leave your kitchen at least as clean as we found it.

Some DON’T’s…

Please DON’T put out a big spread of appetizers for your guests before my appetizer course. Not only will it raise your costs and take up valuable time on your party day, but it’s really unnecessary. My menus are designed to provide plenty of food, no one goes away hungry. If you want to lay out a spread for a “midnight snack” after we’re gone, great, but before really is a waste.

Please DON’T try out social experiments with your guests. It may sound like great fun in your head to put your alcohol abstaining, well-done steak eating, Jesus loving, right-wing cousins next to the super liberal, vegan, hemp wearing, wine enthusiast, pot loving atheists from work, but trust me; the evening will likely be uncomfortable for everyone.

Please DON’T expect us to be your cleanup crew at night’s end. We always clean up after a dessert that we provide and are usually able to help a bit even if we don’t supply it the dessert (such as our buffet offering),  but once that’s done we will be on our way out. Please party long into the wee hours and understand that our duties end after the food portion of the evening.

Please DON’T expect myself or my staff to be bartenders. We are happy to open up and pour your bottles of wine, pour a few beers as needed, but we are not a trained bartending service, nor are we insured as one. There are lots of bartending companies out there and not only are they properly insured, but they are far better trained and capable of making a perfect Whiskey Sour.

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