Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Chef Mike work?

Chef Mike is a Personal Chef, so he works for a variety of clients, cooking in their homes.

This is different than a Private Chef, who typically cooks exclusively for one client.

I would like the first course to be served at 6.00pm, what time will Chef Mike arrive?

Generally, Chef Mike and his team, (if needed) arrive 45 minutes to an hour before your first course is to be served.

This time allows for setup, preparation and cooking.  

What does a Chef Mike experience cost?

Each service is priced differently and on a per person basis. See the list of services and fees

There may also be a mileage fee or dish rentals dependent on your location and group size.

A Chef Mike experience is a cost effective alternative to going out, especially when babysitting fees, taxi fares, parking and inflated alcohol prices are factored in.

What if some of my guests have food allergies or sensitivities?

As part of the menu planning process, and to ensure that everyone enjoys the event, Chef Mike will review your guests' food allergies and sensitivities with you, along with your preferences.

Most food concerns can be accommodated including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and shellfish sensitivities.

Do I have to provide any special equipment?

No, most kitchens have all of the necessary items needed for creating, cooking and presenting your menu.

Chef Mike will provide any special equipment he requires.


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