We Love Your Referrals - below is just a sampling of some of the comments we've received from our clients.

If you've had a great night experiencing Chef Mike's food and service, please let us know.


Everything was wonderful!  Great feedback from our guests too! I did get to try everything and it was all delish!  Richer devoured the few lamb chops I was able to hide the next day. 

I’m sure we’ll see you again before the end of the year! Taryn

We will definitely have you come again. The food and service was outstanding and made such a memorable night for us all!


You guys are great!!! Gillian

It was a great evening and the food was delicious. The ladies enjoyed the experience, without a doubt!


Thanks so much, Jane

Everyone had a great time and the food was wonderful.


Thank you, Kim

Friday was a great evening. Thanks again for everything. Our bride and groom are very thankful for their backyard wedding reception and loved the meal (as did everyone else!)


Thanks, Sarah

I am so delighted with how the evening went last night. Your food was simple but oh so delicious. I am sure there will be another time!


Thank you! Nathalie


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