Videos of Chef Mike

  • Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

    An inexpensive and easy way to feed a crowd

  • Slow Cooker Duck Confit

    A pictorial recipe, showing how to make delicious duck confit at home.

  • An easy way to make risotto

    A short video showing a straight forward and "cook friendly" method to make one of lifes great dishes. It's easy, it's tasty, it's economical and has spectacular flavour.

  • Kid friendly mini pizzas and quesadilla

    A quick overview of how, with a few simple to get things, you can make up some very "kid friendly" mini- pizzas and quesidillas with the kids either on holiday, March Break or a snow day.

  • At-Home Dry Aged BBQ'd Prime Rib Steaks

    A short primer on dry aging AAA prime rib at Home, just like they do at those high priced steakhouses. All you need is the bottom shelf of a rarely opened fridge at 2C, a fridge thermometre, a cookie sheet, a cooling rack, some cheesecloth, a 7 rib AAA Pr

  • Chef Mike's Risotto

    Chef Mike prepares his favourite Risotto


Chef Mike's Blog


VIDEO - Don't Buy a Knife Set!

In this 4 minute video you'll learn; how many knives a home cook needs, the best way to sharpen a knife and how to properly store knives for safety and many years of use. It's a throwback moment from early in my Chef career but the information is timeless. Read More


VIDEO - Time Saving Technique for Cooking Turkey

Cooking a turkey for Christmas? Here's how to get a beautifully roasted 19 pound bird DONE in under 3 hours! Read More



Here are the recipes from the Burlington Wine Club meeting on June 28, 2018, matched with Kacaba Wines. Enjoy! Read More

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